TV Commercial

A great TV commercial has to stand out. It takes a talented team to develop an idea and execute it properly. Our award winning team has over 5 decades of experience in videography, but what really makes our team great is they are always perfecting their craft.

The challenge was to set the BrewVine Passport, which offers discounts on food, beer and wine, apart from other discount programs. The use of intriguing shots and music accomplished just that.

This project centered on the people that make great Northern Michigan wine, beer and food. We used the people to show the hard work that goes into producing the amazing products of Northern Michigan. The viewer is left feeling proud, hungry and thirsty!


The spot was used to launch the new high school sports platform MISportsNow. The challenge was to convey several features inside one thirty second commercial. Using a play by play announcer and fun animation, we were able to convey many different points in a short time.

This client asked to showcase their authentic Mexican cuisine. With the use of video, music and a little voice over; a story is told about the old family recipes to the delicious food and inviting atmosphere.


Studio 415 is a unique salon that offers a fun experience, but still leaves customers calm and relaxed feeling. We met this challenge with some fun music and used video to tell the rest of the story.